Face to face

You cannot discover new oceans unless you have the courage to lose sight of the shore.
—Andre Gide

More than a label
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The support group meetings, where we come together face to face, are the heart and soul of the Gay/Bi Married Men of Seattle. This is what we are all about: sharing, supporting, listening, helping, growing.

We meet every other Thursday (alternating with the Gay Father’s Association) from 7:30 PM to 9:00 PM. Click the “Events” tab to see when the next meeting is.

Group Health South Central Building, 201 16th Ave East, Seattle. Go in the north entrance (between the buildings) and then down the stairs to the cafeteria level. Do a U-turn at the bottom of the stairs and conference room A1/A2 is just up the hallway. Look for signs saying "GMMS".

Let’s face it, attending your first meeting can be very nerve wracking for a man. You may still be deep in the closet, not out to anyone, and have never even been in a gay bar let alone spilled your guts in a room full of gay and bisexual men. The very thought is enough to give you the nervous shakes. However, the experience can be truly amazing. For the first time in your life, you will be surrounded by supportive men who share your experience, know exactly how you feel, and accept you unconditionally. It is what keeps us coming back, week after week. Here is how one member described his experience. “Attending a Gay/Bi Married Men’s meeting is typically a new experience for most of us. What I would like to emphasize about our group is the comradeship we have for each other. After all, we are a support group of men with similar paths in life. We come to the meeting for ourselves (and dealing with family issues), but at the same time we're here for each other. Another factor about the group is the confidentiality we have for each other. We want new members, as well as existing members, to feel welcomed, respected, understood and safe. We are not professionals in the area of counseling, so our goal is not to pass on any authority or directive or to try and tell fellow members what they should or shouldn't do. We speak from the "I" position (and hopefully from the "heart") to try and explain what we are doing and thinking as individuals, what we have found that either worked or didn't work (there being a lot of "trial & error" in life and lessons to be learned). We are there to share our own life experiences. Sometimes we come to the group with a lot more questions than answers. All we have is our "selves" to share. And out of that sharing, hopefully will comes tools that will help you like it has done for me. I think you will find the group to be a non-threatening place to be. I not only get my therapy from the group, but have also met a wonderful group of men that I shall hold near to my heart for years to come. Remember, you are not alone. Reach out, no one needs to go through this part of their life alone. That's why we have such a support group. If you don't feel like sharing right away and you just want to listen, that's alright also. We do not want to cause any undo stress and discomfort while attending the group. If you choose to come back, and hopefully you will, there will be plenty of other times to share once you are ready and comfortable.”


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